Corrosion Protection Tapes

Welcome to Denso South Africa (Pty) Ltd - Leaders in Corrosion Prevention and Sealing Technology. The Denso range of products have been used for over 75 years and have a proven track record and we are proud to be the foremost company in this field. The Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd range comprises of a variety of specialised pipe & structural coatings, marine protection systems, including tapes, brush and spray applied liquid coatings, mastics, primers and sealants based on materials such as petrolatum, butyl rubber bitumen, plastics and epoxy resin. Systems are tailor-made for individual anti-corrosion and sealing problems developed with the realities of an on site application in mind. Our extensive product range is suitable for use in a wide range highly corrosive environments with operating temperatures ranging from sub-zero to 220ÂșC... more

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