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Densoseal 16A

Used to seal cable ducts and conduits against gas or water which can accumulate in underground ducts such as those carrying telephone or electricity supply cables.

Denso Skid Resistant Overbanding Tape

Designed for sealing cracks or failed reinstatements(up to 5mm wide)on secondary road pavements. Provides a flexible seal which can be immediately passed over by traffic.

Denso Paving Tape

Used to seal existing cracks up to 5mm wide in concrete and road pavements, prior to overlaying with asphalt, to prevent the ingress of water.

Densoband Primers

Specially formulated for preparing the surface of concrete, asphalt or steel.

Denso Overbanding Tape

Used as an instant waterproof seal on cracks in asphalt roads to prevent ingress of rainwater. Prevents the ingress of water which causes cracking and severe fretting leading to the eventual breakdown of the asphalt pavement.


Used in road repair or construction, Densoband's flexible properties make it particularly suitable as a seal on bridge and flyover expansion joints. Can be used on runway repairs etc

Denso Superlight Profiling Mastic

Recommended for profiling around irregular shaped pipe fittings particularly where deep fillings are required. It is used with primer prior to overwapping with Denso, Densopol or Densoclad Tapes

Cladsealing Products

Butyl Extrusions

Road Products Applicator

A fast and easy solution for applying road tape products.